The Ride in the Rocks event requires around 50 volunteers each year to ensure its success. We have seven committee members who keep the year-long preparations on track. But there are many pre-event and day-of-event jobs that require willing hands. Listed below are the many Ride in the Rocks volunteer positions and responsibilities.

Event Director: Oversees entire event start to finish. Keeps in close contact with the insurance company, and web master, updates or appoints someone to update all flyers, banners, letters etc. This person organizes monthly meetings with committee heads and oversees entire event start to finish.

Sponsor Coordinator: This position is important. Because this event was created to raise money to supply science based education and experiences for Lucerne Valley students, sponsor donations are critical. Sponsors must be contacted early in the year in order to put this event on their calendar and in their budget. This requires sending out letters to past and potential sponsors, as well as phone calls and personal visits. This also requires keeping the sponsor data base updated as donations come in as well as keeping track of sponsored teams for the day of the event. You will also send out thank you cards to express our appreciation.

Advertising and Promotions: This job requires creativity and motivation. If riders, runners and walkers do not know about our event they will not come. We are always looking for new ways to get the word out in creative ways on radio, newspapers, bike and running magazines, community calendars online social media etc.

Volunteer Coordinator: This job puts you in close contact with those who will be the backbone of this event. You will start early in the year to compile your team, putting out reminder notices and organizing volunteer meeting. You will also help to prepare the aid station supplies and check in all volunteers on the day of event.

Registration Coordinator: This is an exciting fast paced job that requires patience and the ability to think on your feet. You will keep track of the participants who pre-register as well as organize a team of individuals who are able to remain cool and collected during the day-of-event registration process, all the while smiling and making the participants feel welcome and well prepared for their day. You will order the number plates, wrist bands and bring all the equipment needed for the day. You also get to help choose the t-shirt color each year as well as working closely with the t-shirt company to organize and order, making sure each volunteer and participant receives a shirt.

Registration Volunteer: You will be on the front lines before the event begins. You will work closely with the Registration Coordinator to have all of the registration supplies laid out before the first participant arrives to check in at 7:00 am on the day of the event. You will be the first to welcome our participants and let them know how much we appreciate them choosing to spend their day with us. You will take down all of their information and give them their maps, t-shirts, lunch bands and goodie bags.

Timing Team: This group is usually made up of registration volunteers directed by the head Timer. Though this is not a race, participants want to know their time. You will be keeping track of number plates and cheering for participants as they cross the finish line.

MC: This volunteer must be very vocal and able to use a microphone. You will make all of the pre-start announcements as well as announce each participant as they cross the finish-line. This person will also announce the sponsors throughout the day and raffle off the prizes near the end.

Booth Coordinator: Each year we invite bike companies and others to set up booths creating an expo that provides the participants with things to see and do after they have completed their course. You will contact companies to invite them to set up a booth and show off their product.

Raffle Coordinator: This important person is busy way before the day of event. You will contact businesses within the area to obtain donations of raffle prizes for the day-of-event raffle. You also get to organize the prizes for display during the event and appoint a volunteer to sell raffle tickets, or you may choose that job for yourself.

Head Course Marshal: We always have two. One who oversees the upper courses and one for the lower courses. These individuals will train and oversees the other Course Marshals and will be the roving vehicle on the day of event to pick up participants if needed, provide tools for bike repair and sweep the course behind the last rider or runner, dismissing course marshals and aid station volunteers after the last participant passes. This position requires a 4×4, high clearance vehicle.

Course Marshals: This is a fun job that puts you in the thick of the action. You will be out on the courses, directing participants and providing water or food bars as necessary. You will be provided a water jug first aid kit and food bars, but will need to bring tools and a shade pop-up to keep yourself out of the sun. If you are on the upper courses you may need a 4×4 or high clearance vehicle. You will stay in your position until the Head Course Marshal releases you. You will be one of the privileged few to have your lunch delivered to you.

Aid Station Volunteers: Your job is to provide fuel and hydration to the participants. Water jugs, food and shade structure will be provided. You will be asked to keep written track of all participants as they pass your station. Depending on which station you are in, you will have between two-six volunteers.

Photographers: Each year we put as many photographers out on the course as we can. Participants love to see photos of themselves doing what they love best. If you have a photo website that we can promote on our website we would enjoy collaborating with you. If you have no website but just enjoy taking pictures, you are welcome to join us just for the fun of it.

Lunch Crew: We provide lunch for the participants and volunteers. This volunteer crew consists of cooks, and servers. A food serving tent will be provided as well as all of the food, plates and plastic ware. The lunch for course volunteers must be prepared and ready to take out to the course by 10:00 am; lunch for participants must be ready to serve by 10:30 am when the lower course participants are finished.

Set-up, Clean-up Crew: This important group of people arrive early to help set up tables and chairs, put trash cans in place and then after everything is done, help to fold tables and stack neatly to await pickup by the company who donated their use.

Sign Crew: Advertising signs and banners are put up one month in advance of the event. Directional signs must be printed and glued to sign board the week before event and go up the day before the event and all signs come down the Monday after the event. This group also places the finish line sign boards with sponsor logos, banner and flags.

Trail Boss: This person works closely with the Trail Crew behind the scenes to create and maintain all of the course trails. You will also appoint volunteers to mark all of the courses the day before the event.

Trail Crew: This is a group of four-six people who under the direction of the Trail Boss spends many hours on bikes and on foot to create and maintain the trails. Every year new trails are created or improved, and every year the weather makes trail repair necessary. This job is for those who enjoy being outdoors, and it is especially fun for those who actually ride the trails on the day of the event or throughout the year.

Contact us: If you are interested in being a Ride in the Rocks volunteer at info@rideintherocks.com. Please indicate which position interests you.

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