New Venue, Who Dis? – RITR Moves to Lucerne Valley Market

When last year’s event concluded, our Event Director and Co-Director, were already putting plans in place to make 2019 a year of change for RITR. The biggest and most important change we made is to move the event from Lucerne Valley High School to the Lucerne Valley Market. The new venue will offer room for growth, as last year we saw our highest number of participants ever.

The Market is located near the corner of HWY 247 and HWY 18 which is a central location in town. It’s easy to find and our event will be more visible to the public. This also means that we are much closer to where the fun part of the ride starts. This new starting point cuts out approximately 2.20 miles of dirt road from the course, which we will make up with new trail building. Another plus is participants will only have to cross one state highway instead of two!

Lucerne Valley Market on left. 2018 RITR Strava route in red.

This space will also allow room for vendors. Bring in vendors has never been our strong suit, but we are working to change that. The RITR hopes to bring in cycling and health related vendors and we are open to suggestions!

We are here to create an event for YOU! Believe it or not, we read EVERY SINGLE suggestion from the questionnaire our participants fill out (more sand, less sand, take out the wash *eyeroll*, it’s mountain biking, deal with it). We devote an entire meeting to brainstorming solutions. RITR has been the High Desert’s ONLY mountain biking event since 2008 and we want to make it one that our local mountain bikers are PROUD of!! We are always open to more ideas and suggestions, just email us!

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