Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation?

The Educational Foundation is a public benefit, non-profit corporation [IRC § 501(c)(3)] that was created by Mitsubishi Cement Corporation, and operates in partnership with the Lucerne Valley Unified School District. The Foundation was started with seed money from Mitsubishi Cement Corporation. These funds were initially placed into local interest bearing accounts; however, the Foundation now utilizes the services of Beacon Pointe Advisors to conservatively and professionally invest its funds and manage its assets. The Foundation keeps the principal of its investments and budgets programs and projects with the interest earned on its investments. Operational expenses average less than 5%.

The Foundation also partners with various community and student groups and organizations to achieve community buy-in and enhance the funds available for the Foundations scientifically oriented projects, programs, scholarships and grants.”

Can the state supply our educational needs?

The answer to this question is a resounding no! California budget cuts will affect every state program including the educational programs that affect the students in Lucerne Valley. The goal of the Educational Foundation is to develop and implement programs that will enhance the educational experience currently available to our students, with an emphasis on the natural and applied sciences.

Teachers and programs are being cut, resulting in fewer programs, larger class sizes and a larger student-to-teacher ratio. The Foundation’s emphasis is on providing more scientifically oriented curricular and extra-curricular programs for the District’s students.

The Foundation supplements the State’s programs, helping afford the children of Lucerne Valley greater opportunities for educational enrichment and occupational prospects.

What’s Happening Now?

The Foundation provides mini-grants for the teachers of Lucerne Valley to purchase equipment and materials for their students that the District is unable to provide, take their students on field trips, and provide other curricular and extra-curricular activities with a focus on natural and applied sciences.

MCCEF also provides scholarships for the students of the Lucerne Valley school district and statewide. Click here more information about the MCCEF Scholarship opportunities, the application process, and a downloadable application form.

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