Sarah Alvarado


If you’ve ever had to rely on the charity and goodness of other people in order for something to come through, you’ll understand the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I felt when I saw the water truck, tractor, and Scott Hert rolling up to prep the venue site. The RITR team knew that in order to […]

Registration is now LIVE

REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE!!! Ride in the Rocks 2019 is only FOUR MONTHS away! If the next four months go by as fast as the past few have, it’ll be here before we know it. We are so excited about this year, it’s not even funny! Things have been falling into place and getting done! […]

New Bike Day

I know we’ve been quiet on the blog side of things lately, but we’ve been super busy behind the scenes trying to make connections in the cycling community and doing our best to bring you the best event in November! Cycling communities can sometimes be pretty small. Here in the High Desert, that’s kind of […]

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